Tucson Spanish & Sierra Vista Zone Conference Sep 2017

Zone Conferences are a great time for training and learning together as zones. Plus, we have a lot of fun being around each other.

Here are some of the pictures.

The Sisters/Hermanas took advantage of my phone. This is one of MANY group and individual selfies. I just love these happy faces.

Tucson Spanish & Sierra Vista Zones

We taught about the new blessing and tool in our mission….social media. The ATM is now an online proselyting mission. What is that? With MP authorization, a missionary can use FaceBook Messenger, Skype, and some other tools to get in contact with, teach and communicate with those who may be interested in the gospel. It has been amazing and a lot of good is coming of these wonderful technologies.

Here the Assistants are demonstrating how to use Messenger and Video Chat to teach and keep in contact with people that are extremely busy or prefer to use FB or Messenger.

Now for some post Zone Conference pictures.

(My favorite pictures….you get a sense of their personalities.)

This special couple is Elder and Hermana Jones. They regretfully are leaving us next month. (How dare they.)

Dear Jones’, you are an example of being anxiously engaged in missionary work. No matter where you two are, you are always looking for people to share the gospel with. And Hermana Jones, you make the yummiest Mexican food ever. Me gusta!! We are going to miss you terribly. We love you!

The Tucson Spanish Zone.  We are missing Elder Jones though….

(Sorry, that curtain was not shut all the way. That will bother me forever.)

Oh the fun drama of these missionaries….yagottaluvit!

One thought on “Tucson Spanish & Sierra Vista Zone Conference Sep 2017”

  1. Thank you so much for creating this blog. It is nice to see our children working together to do the Lord’s work and how happy they are to be doing it!


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