More September ATM Pictures

Here is our newest Sr. couple missionaries, Elder and Sister Jex, who are from Montana! They are such wonderful people and we are thrilled to have them in the ATM!

These are our Central and Northwest Zones. This picture was a “No Smile”, “Serious”, or better yet “I’m trying to be tough” picture.

(I know, the Elders insisted.)

Selfie found on Sister Browning’s phone….

Thanks Elder Carr, Elder Taylor and Elder Thompson!

Here is just the Northwest Zone…

…and the Central Zone.

Now we move to the Southeast Zone Conference on another day.

The Blessed LUNCH BREAK!!!  Thank you dear Sisters of the Tucson Rincon Stake for providing such a yummy meal!!

Our wonderful Southeast Zone!

The matching Spanish Sisters. They are unified!

And to end this post, our fun and crazy group photo.

Oh boy…. one Elder decided to bolt right over the top of the Sisters. He shall remain nameless….

[Deep breath.]


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