October Events

General Conference was the very first part of October… And the very next day, Oct 2, Transfer WEEK!!

Off to the airport on Monday morning, to pick up our new missionaries coming in from the MTC. There is a buzz of excitement throughout the mission and a flurry of activity and preparation for them all.


Here are our two wonderful Assistants with President Browning to help with driving “Lola” (our mission people-mover van) and getting our new missionaries and their stuff to the Mission Office.


Oh boy, look….here they come down the escalator!! It’s so exciting!!


After the hugs and handshakes, we all wait for the luggage and then head out to take personal photos with President and Sister Browning.


This spot is perfect for pictures to show off the beautiful Saguaro cactus (pronounced Sa-WAH-ro). The sun is shining and all the missionaries are in a weather shock… it’s October and it’s in the 80’s!



We head to downtown Tucson to show the missionaries the Mormon Battalion Monument. This is a memorable first impression of being in the Arizona Tucson Mission!


Before we head back, we get a selfie waiting at the cross walk.

These missionaries are such a great group! President and Sister Browning are so grateful to have them and we are looking forward to getting to know them and to hasten the work of the Lord together here in the ATM.


Next day, is Transfer Day. Here we are getting everyone transferred and the new Trainers ready to meet their new Trainees. It’s an early start of the day, but everyone is up and ready to get going!



Here are the Trainers and Trainees.  Sometimes they are in trios, but most of the time they are just in a companionship of two.


Trainers, please take good care of our new missionaries…we already love them so much.

Now we switch gears and concentrate on the departing missionaries.

We head to do temple work and we all love that part of the day. The Arizona Tucson Temple is just radiant and gorgeous. So blessed to have it up the road from the ATM office.

Here is our small band of seasoned, wonderful missionaries finished with the temple and getting ready to head home.


It’s so hard to let these almost perfect missionaries just leave us… I’m not a fan of that part of Transfer Week, not a fan at all.


Dear ATM missionaries, thank you so much for your hard work and for sharing your life and the gospel with the people of the Tucson area.  May the Lord bless you and your next steps in life. Until we meet again.