Mission President Seminar October 2017

In the middle part of October we were able to fly to Houston, TX, and have a few days of training at our Mission President Seminar. These seminars happen twice a year. Not only are they wonderful, but very needed.

The quote I just loved in the above picture was shared with us at our training.  Missionary work blesses all of God’s children, especially His own missionaries!

“Our greatest desire for your missionaries is that, by the time they return home, all of them will have the new and everlasting covenant written in the fleshy tables of their hearts, that they will become an “epistle of Christ”. All are capable of doing so, no matter their personal situations or challenges, if they rely on the Lord Jesus Christ…There is not a better way to get the gospel of Jesus Christ into the hearts and minds of the young people than for each to be a missionary and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to others.” President Russell M. Nelson


One afternoon, after some morning training, we got on a bus with all the other Mission President’s and wives and headed on a field trip to NASA. Yes, I said, NASA


The control center for all of the Apollo missions. Pretty retro.  There is not one keyboard in the whole place that runs those monitors.


This is where the astronauts practice being in space. The famous simulators.


And this rocket was ginormous.  AMAZING!


Lucky for us, we ran into the Merrill family from Rexburg, ID, who knows our son and daughter-in-law. Of all places to meet someone from Idaho. Who knew!


Now to a restaurant by a large body of water!! (Not sure if that is the Gulf of Mexico or a lake???) I haven’t seen that much water since we left Utah and Idaho in June!


And lastly, here is just a sampling (those that would take pictures with us) of the great men and women we were able to meet and associate with in Houston.

 President and Sister Peterson of the Texas Houston Mission

President and Sister Hewlett of the Texas Houston East Mission. (Fun fact, their daughter, young Sister Hewlett, will becoming to our mission February 2018!! Whoo Hoo!)

Elder and Sister Pearson

Elder & Sister Godoy, President & Sister Uceda

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