December 2017 Departing Missionaries

Our dear friends and fellow missionaries are going home.

We are always threatening that we are not going to let them go home. Nope. No way. They are staying here with us. By golly, it’s just so hard to have accomplished, hard working, competent missionaries leave!

Before we send these departing missionaries home, they all get to go to the temple. The Gila Valley, New Mexico and Sierra Vista departing missionaries were able to go to The Gila Valley Temple and the Tucson missionaries went to the Tucson Temple.

How we love that time with our missionaries. It truly is a tender mercy to be with them in the temple right before we depart ways.

This is the Gila Valley Arizona Temple and even though it was cold, they still had flowers on the temple grounds!

By the time we were done with the session, it was dark and our pictures were full of shadows. But the temple at night was breath taking.

One last dinner for these missionaries we love so much and a touching testimony meeting that just can’t be described with words. After one of those heart filled, spirit filled meetings, you just cannot be the same.


Elder Bryce was picked up by his family. It is always so delightful to meet in person the families that are behind these missionaries we serve with.

And finally, before everyone heads off to bed, we hear a musical number that was requested by President Browning of these two musically inclined Elders. What a cherry on the top of an inspiring night!

Here we are, bright and early, on departure morning at the ATM mission office. We wait for everyone to arrive and make sure the bags are under weight.

We make it to the lit up Tucson airport…

…and here we go!

This is my favorite picture of this transfer. I love to see the friendships that are forged on missions that will last a life time. My eyes filled with tears and my heart was pained a bit when I took this picture.

These goodbyes NEVER get easy.

God speed ATM missionaries. Be strong and of a courage, never forgetting that which you have treasured up. We love you forever!

December 2017 Arriving Missionaries

December was a crazy month. Lots of things to do and places to be.

But gratefully, even with all the holiday chaos, a week before Christmas, the new missionaries arrive (yippee) and our seasoned ones go home (boo hoo).

Here we have our three AP’s waiting at the airport to pick up the new arrivals.

Welcome Elder Creason to the AP assignment, and thank you Elder Medina for all your help and goodness.


And here they are!! All fresh from the MTC.

Walking to the Mormon Battalion Monument in downtown Tucson.

It’s an ATM tradition.


Pictures of our new missionaries, day one of boots on the ground!


Lunch was served at the Mission Home (sorry no pictures were taken) and then to the ATM Mission Office for New Missionary Orientation, training, and interviews with President Browning, Sister Browning & Sister Pershing, the mission nurse.

Our Assistants always have fun helping the new missionaries feel comfortable in the ATM and to teach and familiarize them with the area.


Early next morning, Transfer Day, the missionaries are off to find out who is their trainer! This is an exciting morning and hopefully they have gotten some sleep. But realistically, sometimes the adrenaline just won’t let them.

All the other missionaries that are being transferred, are also meeting to get a new companion and new area.

The logistics of bags and stuff (and obviously milk and bread) getting to the right place and with the right missionary can be a little mind boggling….


New missionaries quietly waiting for the training to begin. What could be going on in their minds?


Role-playing with their new companions. Right out of the gate, we get them into why they are here….missionary work.

Here are the new companionships!


We love our new batch of enthusiastic missionaries too. We will be praying for you all!

Christmas 2017 ZC- Part 3

Here we are with the last Christmas 2017 Zone Conference featuring the Northwest and Central Zones.

(The post, Christmas 2017 ZC-Part 1 has more of an explanation of the Christmas Zone Conferences as a whole.)

We start out with a get to know you game, then have the “Guessing Jars” and the voting for the “Ugliest Tie”.


Missionary clothing exchange. Haha, the ATM could run it’s own missionary clothing department.

ATM Family Feud is next!!

(Luckily, some of the missionaries knew this retro game show.)

Next….bring on the Christmas Missionary Extravaganza!

WOW!  We have talented missionaries in the ATM.

Meet the Browning children: Left to Right, Preston, Emma, Sister Browning, Julia, & Alex. They came to be apart of the zone conference.


Our wonderful Sister Cluff who helps put on these functions. Thank You!!

Now Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some yummy food!

Official Christmas 2017 Zone Conference photo of the Northwest and the Central Zones.


Northwest Zone


Central Zone


Finally, to finish off this post…. the sneaky selfies that missionaries love to leave on Sister Browning’s phone. Love it!

Merry Christmas from the ATM!

Christmas 2017 ZC- Part 1

Christmas is a wonderful time of year.

And this Christmas in the ATM was no exception.

With so much going on in the month of December, we consolidated our usual four Zone Conferences into three.

Our goal was to have some good ole’ fun (let our hair down a bit) and then enjoy the Christmas spirit with a Christmas Missionary Extravaganza (i.e. variety show).

The games we played were “Guessing Jars”, “The Ugliest Tie”, “Getting to Know You” and then our big game… “Family Feud: ATM Style”.

These are pictures from the Gila Valley, New Mexico and Sierra Vista Zones.

President Browning was quite the Game Show Host.

Now for the Christmas Missionary Extravaganza!

That was brilliant! Our ATM missionaries are so gifted.

Now for some group and random photos of the Gila Valley, New Mexico and Sierra Vista Zones.

Merry Christmas from the Arizona Tucson Mission!

Christmas 2017 ZC- Part 2

More of the Christmas Zone Conferences but with the Southeast and Tucson Spanish Zones.

(The post, Christmas 2017 ZC-Part 1 has more of an explanation of the Christmas Zone Conferences.)

Let’s have some fun.  ATM Family Feud!


Now for our “Christmas Missionary Extravaganza”!


Let us feast!

Sister Browning wanted pictures of all her beauties (the Sisters and Hermanas) with the red flowers outside. And who could complain with such warm perfect Arizona weather.

Official Christmas 2017 Zone Conference picture of the Southeast and Tucson Spanish Zones.

Merry Christmas from the ATM!

Mission Tour 2017- Elder & Sister Maynes

Elder Richard J. Maynes of the Seventy and his wonderful wife, Nancy J. Maynes, came to the ATM November 28-December 1, 2017.

They were able to meet with our Zone Leaders and Sister Trainer Leaders on Tuesday night, and then have a dinner with the Senior Couple Missionaries on Wednesday.

But the special treat for the whole mission was to meet Elder and Sister Maynes in special Zone Conferences on Wednesday and Thursday. It was truly a wonderful couple of days, and we all learned so much. Never before did we love to sit for hours and hours being fed spiritually and gleaning new ways to accomplish our purpose of “Inviting other to come unto Christ.”

Thank you Elder & Sister Maynes for coming to Tucson to train and inspire all of us to be better “Finders” and how to have more “Quality Gospel Conversations”.

ATM Senior Couple Missionaries (both full-time and service missionaries), Elder & Sister Maynes, President & Sister Browning,  and President Browning’s two counselors, President Larson and President Elmer. And Sister Elmer was taking the picture…we can’t forget her!


Gila Valley Zone


New Mexico Zone


Sierra Vista Zone


Northwest Zone


Tucson Spanish Zone


Southeast Zone


Central Zone


Here are our bonitas hermanas de Espanol.