December 2017 Arriving Missionaries

December was a crazy month. Lots of things to do and places to be.

But gratefully, even with all the holiday chaos, a week before Christmas, the new missionaries arrive (yippee) and our seasoned ones go home (boo hoo).

Here we have our three AP’s waiting at the airport to pick up the new arrivals.

Welcome Elder Creason to the AP assignment, and thank you Elder Medina for all your help and goodness.


And here they are!! All fresh from the MTC.

Walking to the Mormon Battalion Monument in downtown Tucson.

It’s an ATM tradition.


Pictures of our new missionaries, day one of boots on the ground!


Lunch was served at the Mission Home (sorry no pictures were taken) and then to the ATM Mission Office for New Missionary Orientation, training, and interviews with President Browning, Sister Browning & Sister Pershing, the mission nurse.

Our Assistants always have fun helping the new missionaries feel comfortable in the ATM and to teach and familiarize them with the area.


Early next morning, Transfer Day, the missionaries are off to find out who is their trainer! This is an exciting morning and hopefully they have gotten some sleep. But realistically, sometimes the adrenaline just won’t let them.

All the other missionaries that are being transferred, are also meeting to get a new companion and new area.

The logistics of bags and stuff (and obviously milk and bread) getting to the right place and with the right missionary can be a little mind boggling….


New missionaries quietly waiting for the training to begin. What could be going on in their minds?


Role-playing with their new companions. Right out of the gate, we get them into why they are here….missionary work.

Here are the new companionships!


We love our new batch of enthusiastic missionaries too. We will be praying for you all!

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