February 2018 New Missionaries

The beauty of transfer week… NEW MISSIONARIES!

We love this week because the ATM gets a shot-in-the-arm of new recruits!! They are fresh, excited and ready to fulfill their purpose. They have contagious enthusiasm and their spirits are as bright as their white shirts and beautiful smiles.

Arriving missionaries getting their luggage and loading up. The weather is perfect, sunshine and in the upper 70’s. Wonderful time to arrive in Tucson.

Haha! I must have snapped the photo as Elder Creason (one of our AP’s) was blinking….or taking a half second nap!


Heading up to downtown Tucson to see the Mormon Battalion Monument.

Now to the office/church for some lunch and training!!

Next day, is the kicker!

Transfers for the whole mission happen early in the morning (those missionaries that are getting transferred come to the “transfer site” and meet up with their new companions OR get on the transfer van to head to their new area.) It’s called controlled chaos… sort of…

Also, the new missionaries get to meet their blessed trainers and have more training. After that, they head out to start what they were born to do, INVITE OTHERS TO COME UNTO CHRIST.



Here are the new trainers and trainees.  They are all going to be wonderful!!

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