February 2018-Saying Goodbye

How we love these missionaries!!

It’s been a privilege to have known and worked with them all. We know the ups and downs of mission life, and the grit and diligence these young adults show is nothing short of INSPIRING.

Our dear Sisters & Hermanas…. oh how we will miss your influence and bright bright spirits.


Our AP’s got this picture with Moroni and the Tucson sun glowing in the background. So cool!

You all are so wonderful…don’t leave!!!


This was a pano of the “My Life” discussion we had in President’s office after all the exit interviews were finished…

…our dinner at the mission home…

…and signing the ATM flag.

And don’t forget a couple of selfie’s on Sister Browning’s phone.

Love you Hermana’s!!

The famous mission home stair picture of our stellar, steadfast missionaries on the eve of going home.

Next morning, early early in the morning, we board the mission van (“Lola”) and head to the airport.

It was a little chilly for a February morning in Tucson, but not too bad for 5:00 am.


This scene of mass amounts of luggage and people always gets a few stares.

We usually get stopped at least once during these drop offs as people think we work for the airport.

(Haha, I stopped wearing my navy blazer to the airport because I was constantly being asked for directions of lost airport patrons.)

Goodbye our dear ATM missionaries. May you always be kept safe and strong as you head out into your new life.  God bless.

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