February 2018 Zone Conferences Week 2

Week two of our Zone Conferences.

Tucson East and South Zones.

Our wonderful Senior couples who help with car inspections (those in street clothes) and others who are there for the training (those in sunday clothes). Thank you for all you do!

This Zone Conference all the missionaries got new smart phones.

Yes, SMART, not DUMB phones.

These Elders are the Phone Techies…they are the ones to call when there are problems with the new phones. Thank you!

Our birthday missionaries…Happy Birthday!

For the next hour we have Zone breakout sessions where we train on how to find and talk with people. In other words…role playing!

They are all so good and have so much courage!

Tucson South Zone

Tucson East Zone

Tucson East and South Zone

Next day is the Zone Conference for the Tucson North and West Zones.

Our birthday missionaries…

…and our newest missionaries!

Now let’s see how the role-playing is doing in the zone breakout sessions.

Our closing special musical number by this companionship of Sisters. Beautiful!

The Tucson North and West Zones

Our Trainers and their Trainees. We had a meeting after Zone Conference just to check up on them and see how they are doing. Great group!

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