Transfer Week March 2018- New Missionary Monday

It’s time to begin again.

Six weeks has come and gone and now we are at Transfer Week once more.

This transfer group is smaller than we usually get, but just as stellar!

And here they all are!

In front of the Mormon Battalion Monument.

Since Elder Creason, one of our Assistants, is going home this transfer, Elder Anderson, to the far left, will take his place with Elder Duncan.

E. Anderson, E. Duncan, E. Creason

We start the new missionaries right away with interviews, orientation and paperwork.

Elder Lambson, our Vehicle Coordinator, helping out our missionaries.

The top 10 of the ATM given by the Assistants, is a fun way to introduce our new missionaries to the area.

After training, we have dinner at the mission home and then go up to the Arizona Tucson Temple and have a time for reflection and inspiration. The temple looks over the city of Tucson and it is sooooo brilliantly beautiful at night.


Poor picture quality but amazing quality of missionaries!

Most of our new missionaries that come in have sleep deprivation… they’ve been up since 2:00 am or thereabout–so let’s get them to bed.

Get some rest dear missionaries, for your mission officially starts early tomorrow morning!!

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