Transfer Week March 2018- Transfer Tuesday

Here we go, bright and early, off to Transfer Tuesday!

It’s such an exciting day, with lots of movement and energy. It’s also a day of new beginnings and sad goodbyes. What complex emotions all on one day.

We love getting to the transfer site to get pictures of all the hustle and bustle. Sometimes we get lots of pictures and other days the camera woman is awful busy. This transfer, however, we got some good photos!

Here the transfer van (which is named Lola) has it’s precious cargo heading out for their new areas. Blessings to you all…we will be praying for you.


As the cars, vans, and trucks move out, some of us gather in the church building for our Trainer/Trainee Training Meeting (now that’s a mouth full). Here the new missionaries find out who their trainer is and the area they will be serving in.

E X C I T I N G ! !

Here are the new companionships.

This training meeting is so remarkable to be apart of. It’s such a unique moment in time for everyone involved. To see the anxiousness of our new missionaries turn into hope and excitement, is inspiring. Our prayers go with you all!


Now off to the next event….a time in the temple with our departing missionaries that are leaving tomorrow. What a bitter sweet time!

Thank you Elder Duncan for sacrificing your body to get this extraordinary photo.


A selfie of the Sisters in Sister Browning’s car going from the temple to the Mission Office. They all didn’t want to be separated so they squished and had a great time. Haha! Elders would never do that.

In honor of our well seasoned Tucsonan missionaries, we had Bro Quijada make these “Sonoran Hot Dogs” for our lunch. They are a masterpiece for your taste buds.  Delicioso!

We meet for a final missionary “Q & A with President & Sister Browning” and then have final interviews and yes….more food at the mission home.

Someone, Elder Ballard, was lucky to have his birthday fall on the day he was going home (tomorrow). So we celebrated the night before.

After our departing missionary testimony meeting, we sing our traditional “Mission Song” one last time.


We just love all of these consecrated and obedient missionaries. They truly will LIGHT and BLESS the world where ever they go…just like they did the ATM.  Well Done!

Transfer Tuesday is over, but we still have one more morning of goodbyes. See you bright and early at the airport for Departing Wednesday.

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