ATM Senior Couple Missionaries

Our senior couple missionaries are the BOMB!

In the speak of our young missionaries, that is the truth.

They are MIRACLE WORKERS and the best thing “since sliced bread”.

They are the “Elves” in “The Elves and the Shoemaker” story.  Behind the scenes, they make EVERYTHING work so smooth and flawless…well as flawless as a mission can be.

In the ATM we have 9 full time senior couple missionaries, and 5 service couple missionaries. What is the difference between full time and service?

Service missionaries are from the area of the mission, live in their own homes and work an allotted amount of time. They are similar to part time workers in the real world.

Full time missionaries are called to the ATM from different areas of the world to come and live in our mission for a certain amount of time (6, 12, 18 or 24 months). They devote their time fully to the work.

Senior Couples are the  secret sauce of a mission. Never underestimate the influence that they have. They bring such a maturity and calming affect upon the young missionaries, just like grandparents do, and they offer such needed skills and knowledge that we couldn’t do this work without them. We wake up each morning so grateful to have their “magical” talents bless the ATM and especially the work of salvation.

Do you have a desire to serve? Or do you have a loved one that would like to? PLEASE CONSIDER IT!

You will not only bless countless lives, but you will be filled with overflowing joy, having not enough room to contain it.

It’s a WIN/WIN for sure.

Thank you DEAR Senior Missionaries!!



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