Zone Conference-April 2018

Zone Conferences for this transfer cycle fell in the month of April. We love gathering together to be trained and uplifted. As you can see from the missionaries faces, Zone Conferences are wonderful!

On a side note, the Sierra Vista, New Mexico and Gila Valley Zones do not have the candid photos that some of the other zones have. The camera woman (Sister Browning) usually can’t make it to those Zone Conferences. We will have to remedy that somehow.

The Sierra Vista Zone

The New Mexico Zone

The Gila Valley Zone

The East and South Zones

The North and West Zones

Elder Lambson provided homemade cakes for those being obedient and responsible with the mission vehicles.

One thought on “Zone Conference-April 2018”

  1. Thank you so much for posting to the blog! It’s always fun to see what is happening in the mission – and extra fun to see pictures of my missionary 😉 I appreciate your efforts in doing this very much!


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