Transfer Week- July 2018- Departing Wednesday

It’s never easy to let these precious souls leave the ATM.

But we also know there are precious families waiting for their return. Let’s load up and get these missionaries home!

Lots and lots of bags!

Such amazing experiences shared with such good friends. The joy of missionary work and the gospel is embedded in their hearts and shines in their countenances.

We are always on the solemn side of seeing our missionaries leave and we never get to see the other joyful reunion side. But this transfer, we were able to see two of the families come and get their missionary sons at the airport in Tucson. It truly was a special, sacred moment. We almost felt unworthy to be there taking photos.

Love, love the Mom hugs!!!

Carry on dear missionaries of the ATM!

LIVE, LOVE, and SHARE the truths and testimonies you taught and bore for the last 24/18 months. We love you!

Transfer Week- July 2018- Transfer Tuesday

Tuesdays are always jammed packed on Transfer week….jammed!

We all head out early to the transfer site, the Tucson Stake Center, to have a little bit of controlled chaos take place for just a little bit of time.

We love our Senior Missionaries! They are the backbone of this transfer day. Thank you for all you do.

We meet in the church for our Trainer/Trainee Meeting to have our new missionaries meet their trainers and have some training from President and  Sister Browning and the Assistants.

This is so important because this is the day they officially start to be a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It all is for real now!

Here are the companionships.


 Now off to the temple to meet up with the missionaries (22 of them) going home tomorrow. There is a lot of them and only two Sisters!

Back to the mission office for lunch, interviews, weighing bags, and our last dinner together. It is the final hours for these seasoned and choice missionaries.

The two roses among the 20 Elders.

The amount of bags and memories inside those bags, all ready to go home.


This is how “sunny” it was today in Tucson. Just a bit on the warm side.

The last meal for our dear missionaries.

It’s an ATM thing….

Oh we love these great people…our ATM missionaries. How we all have grown in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel changes us, for the better.

Tomorrow we send them all home to their families and friends.


Transfer Week- July 2018- New Missionary Monday

They are coming….they are coming! Our new missionaries are coming today!! It’s always a day full of anticipation.


Here they are standing out in the wonderful Arizona sun with President and Sister Browning.

Our three amazing Assistants (just for the day).

Walking up to the Mormon Battalion monument in downtown Tucson.

Back to the mission office for orientation and lunch.

After dinner at the mission home, we head up to the Tucson temple even though it is 90+ degrees at sunset. We just have to let them see and feel the spirit of this wonderful divine building in Tucson, AZ.

MLC- July

This month we are showing all the candid photos of MLC first with the more formal at the end of this post. Why?

We just want to be a little different this month. Here we go!

President decided to take a selfie with all the Elders……

…so then Sister Browning and the Sisters followed suit.

And speaking of suits, lots of suit jackets off and lying all around after MLC. Especially in the July Tucson heat!

Sister Gadd (the one being held), will be leaving at the end of the month….

That’s right, Sister Baltz, boo-hooo!

The funny/silly/creative picture first….


And finally, the best of all the game– the nice controlled one.

JULY 2018 Mission Leadership Council