Transfer Week- July 2018- Departing Wednesday

It’s never easy to let these precious souls leave the ATM.

But we also know there are precious families waiting for their return. Let’s load up and get these missionaries home!

Lots and lots of bags!

Such amazing experiences shared with such good friends. The joy of missionary work and the gospel is embedded in their hearts and shines in their countenances.

We are always on the solemn side of seeing our missionaries leave and we never get to see the other joyful reunion side. But this transfer, we were able to see two of the families come and get their missionary sons at the airport in Tucson. It truly was a special, sacred moment. We almost felt unworthy to be there taking photos.

Love, love the Mom hugs!!!

Carry on dear missionaries of the ATM!

LIVE, LOVE, and SHARE the truths and testimonies you taught and bore for the last 24/18 months. We love you!

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