August 2019 Zone Conferences

Tucson North and West Zone Conference

Tucson North and West Zones
Tucson North Zone

Tucson West Zone

Tucson East and South Zone Conference

Tucson East and South Zones
Tucson East Zone

Tucson South Zone

Sierra Vista Zone Conference

Sierra Vista Zone

Gila Valley and New Mexico Zone Conference

Gila Valley & New Mexico Zones
Gila Valley Zone

New Mexico Zone

Zone Conference-May 2018

What a special month for Zone Conference!

Why…you may ask.

For this batch of Zone Conferences, we had a visiting special guest that came and gave wonderful insights, teachings and shared some great experiences.

That guest was President Boyd Fenn, the Mission President of President Browning!

When President Browning was a young missionary in the Spain Barcelona Mission from 1986-1988, President Fenn was one of two Mission Presidents that President Browning served with.

 We combined the usual four conferences into just two so all of our missionaries could be with President Fenn as he was only here for two days.

President Fenn is a young 90 year old and loves all things missionary. He not only served as a Mission President in Spain, Barcelona, but also as the Guatemala MTC President in the early 90’s.

What a privilege to have him come and spend time with us and teach our missionaries.

Thank you President Fenn for traveling around with us and having a great influence on us all! We love you.


Here is the Barcelona Bunch….All of these men served with President Fenn as young missionaries in Spain.

The aprons were handed out for lunch because Sloppy Joes were on the menu. Good call with all of those white shirts and silk ties.

Singing for our dinner! Giving a special rendition of “Called to Serve” to all those wonderful women who feed us lunch.

Our wonderful cooks and servers of our yummy lunch. They are from the Willcox, AZ area.

Our birthday missionaries.

Elder Lambson…our beloved car czar!

President (Sheriff) Browning making sure our missionaries are safe drivers.

Sierra Vista Zone

Gila Valley Zone

New Mexico Zone

A quote by Elder Richard G. Scott from our training.

The North Zone

The South Zone

The East Zone

The West Zone